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Hi friends I have always preferred natural ingredients over chemicals for skin.It’s always better to go least with chemicals which are harmful in long run. So guys I am Going to review some new range of Roopmantra Ayurvedic face washes and medicinal creams.

About RoopMantra : Divisa Herbal Care is one of the leading Ayurvedic based firm in personal & healthcare segment in India, which is well-endowed with ancient knowledge of Ayurveda in combination of modern technology to deliver cost effective products to manifest in various health segments ranging from nutritional to health supplements.

RoopMantra thrives to solve skin problem and sort out skin issues.

So Roopmantra has come up with 5 variants of face washes.These are

1.Cucumber face wash

2. Neem face wash

3.Mix fruit face wash

4.Lime and Mint face wash

5.Aloe vera face wash

So today I’m reviewing Aloe face wash


Aloevera facewash

Roop Mantra Aloevera face wash is one of my favorite as it has the goodness of aloe vera and Neem leaves which helps in providing nourishmment to the skin.

What it claims:

This face wash claims to remove pimple wrinkles dark spots blemishes blackheads dead cells and make skin healthy and soft. It also protect skin from any oxidative damage and give glowing fresh and Spotless skin.It hydrates ,controls acne ,burning sensation and provides natural cooling effect.

Principal ingredients:
Aloevera, Tulsi, Neem Leaves


INR 83 for 115ml, INR 48 for 50ml and INR 18 for 20ml. 

Directions for use:
Wet your face apply a bit of facewash  and gently clean your face .This will bring out a fresh and clean face skin.

Pros :

Helps to keep skin radiant

Suitable for all skin type

Cons :

Not travel friendly cause of flip cap

contains paraben

ratings: 4/5



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