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Herbal Strategi : A solution for chemical free life


With the hectic life and polluted environment, we now feel necessity of natural products. While we are now looking for some really healthy food and health options.We also have to make sure the product that we use in our day to day life, should be toxin free. The Chemicals that we use in our household product are really harmful if ingested or even when it gets mixed in the air.I have recently got the products from Herbal Strategi and these are 100% natural.

Herbal Strategi helps to ensure good health, a clean home also a healthy pet without the use of harmful chemical.It strives to provide high quality natural product which allows you to get away from chemical that is used in daily life.Their cleaning products are made from earth friendly ingredients.Best for the people who desire alternatives to chemical cleaner

About herbal Strategi

Herbal Strategi  guarantees that all products are 100% natural. The raw material batches goes through rigorous test and is certified at CSIR IIIM, Jammu. It is possible to get a clean home with a better health and a healthy pet without the use of chemicals.Delivery of quality herbal solution helps to get away from hazardous chemical from our daily life.

Here is an interesting story of the Founder, Mr John Thomas. He suffered from frequent asthmatic bouts and severe upper respiratory problems.The doctors identified that the mosquito repellents were the causes of the issue and was advised to stop using them.Our country already face so many mosquito born diseases like Malaria, dengue, Chikungunia, he thought of coming up with an alternative natural option.So with this quest was the first step where he thought of creating Herbal Strategi. Its an organisation which aims to find varied herbal alternative to the harmful chemical products.The best part is that they are cruelty free and having vegan certificate from PETA.

So below are the products,you can also check for more at the website of Herbal Strategi


Check out the products

1) Herbal Mosquito Repellent Room Spray

herbal mosquito repellant
Herbal Strategi Mosquito repellant spray


Natural Mosquito Repellent Body Spray is made from:

  • Lemongrass
  • Palmarosa
  • Tulsi
  • Eucalyptus


  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Made exclusively from natural ingredients and plant extracts
  • Never tested on animals
  • Kind to waterways and marine life
  • Safe for kids and cause zero side effects

2.  Herbal Floor Cleaner

natural floor cleaner
Herbal Strategi Floor Cleaner

Natural Floor Cleaner is made from:

  • Lemongrass
  • Cedarwood
  • Sarala Oil

It acts as a natural disinfectant and repels bugs and insects. Here’s a list of surfaces where you can use it:

  • Tiles
  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Indian Marble

3Herbal Kitchen Cleaner Spray

The Composition:
At Herbal Strategi , ingredients used are utmost taken care of.Below are these

  • Cymbopogoncitriatus(Lemongrass Oil) : 5 ml
  • Cedrusdeodara(Cedar Wood Oil) : 3 ml
  • Pinuslongifolia(Pine Oil) : 2 ml
  • Exciepients /Water : QS

This Herbal Kitchen Cleaner Spray, is the perfect household cleaning product  which keeps insects away and  keep kitchen clean.

  • When used on kitchen tops, this product repels houseflies as well as fruit flies.
  • Just Mop kitchen cleaner  spray can also be used to clean stove hobs, microwave  and chimney.


4.  Herbal Room Freshener 

Nature Spray – Herbal Room Freshener helps you to get away from bad odours. It is purely Made of herbal ingredients .This is perfect replacement of chemical composition products.

This comes in two variants

Lavender and Lemon 

herbal room freshner
Herbal Strategi Room Freshner


Nature Spray – Herbal Room Freshener : These are embedded with lovely fragrance and best is being herbal it has no chemical effects.


  • These air-fresheners are extracted from natural ingredients and are extremely eco-friendly.
  • Do not cause any side-effects or respiratory discomfort.
  • Eliminates odors effectively leaving fresh air behind.

Lavender-Herbal Room Freshener

Each 100 ml contains:

  • Lavender Oil: 12%
  • Neem Oil : 15%
  • Cedar Wood Oil : 6 %
  • Exciepients/Water : Q.S

Lemon -Herbal Room Freshener

Each 100 ml contains:

  • CymbopogonCitriatus(Lemongrass Oil): 6 ml
  • Citrus Lemon (Lemon): 6 ml
  • Azardirachtaindica(Neem Oil) : 15 ml
  • CedrusDeodara(Cedar Wood Oil) : 6 ml
  • Exciepients /Water : Q.S
  • Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine


5. Herbal Hand Sanitizer

foam handwash
Herbal strategi foam Hand wash

The Composition:
At Herbal Strategi, each product has been made with utmost precaution and the ingredients are chosen carefully. Here is what goes into making your herbal foam hand wash:

Each 100 ml contains:

  • CymbopogonCitriatu(Lemongrass Oil)s : 6 ml
  • Azardirachtaindica(Neem Oil) : 6 ml
  • Citrus Lemon(Lemon Oil) : 6 ml
  • Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi Oil): 2 ml
  • Exciepients /Water : Q.S
  • Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Herbal Strategi’s Nature Clean – Herbal Hand Sanitizer is a must have for need of hygiene and sanitization

  • This herbal hand sanitizer makes sure that your hands remains germs free always.
  • It comes with travel friendly packaging .

6.  Toilet Seat Sanitizer

toilet sanitizer
Herbal Strategi Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Toilet seat sanitizer is best for hygiene specially when you travel to mall or to any other location.It is antibacterial antimicrobial and having fungicidal properties which helps to keep the bacteria viruses and fungus away.Use it anytime you want it is made up of natural oil and plant extracts

The Composition 
At Herbal Strategi, each product is made with care, and the ingredients are used only after a quality check. Here is what goes into making your TSS-Toilet Seat Sanitiser:

Each 100 ml contains:

Eucalyptus globulus Labill, Citronella Oil, Water and Excipients

7. Herbal Foam Hand wash

herbal foam handwash
Herbal Strategi  foam handwash

This antibacterial herbal hand wash is Made from plant extracts and aromatic oils,  keeps your hands perfectly clean and smooth.

This  100% herbal and eco-friendly product is child-friendly, and along with skin enriching substances, has ingredients that give you impeccable germ-free hands.

I personally loved all these products .Mainly because they are natural and chemical free. Besides above there are many more interesting products on website.Do check them out:)

Also let me know if you liked any product specifically ?




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