Tackle depression in life like this


Depression is a common symptom now a days and many of us struggle with it in day today life.It is serious mood disorder.Either we are not satisfied with how we are or not happy with how unhappy others are with us.Emptiness , lack of money, betrayal etc leads to depressive state of mind. While many face this  in day today life.It is important

Its important to understand our own value and self importance.Its important to accept ourselves first and stop being judged by others and taking them seriously.Its our one beautiful life and lets make it beautiful.

To save ourselves from reaching any such state, we should remember following points .

1. We should know its necessary to live under our natural capacities and enjoy moderate successes .

2. Enjoy more in present than having lot of worries about past or future.

3.Enjoy simple pleasures in simple things.

4.It much necessary to accept that  we all are different  and this difference not necessarily may lead us to suffer.

5.Avoid tremendous activities which are so likely to fall apart.

6.One  should live within his means.This do not mean simply financial, but  means to live within capacities,to live in a level which is comfortable,reasonable and free as far as possible from unnecessary worries and anxieties

7..spend time in developing oneself to a better person.Take up any course,hobby,learn skills online.

8.Our mind  which is supposed to give us all kinds of possible usages,there are many useful and valuables things to be known and learnt but the mind also has its own willingness to conform to our prevailing inertia. Mind can be just lazy as the body .The mind can reject thinking on the ground that it is fatiguing.Many people gave up thinking bcoz they couldn’t live up with the their own thoughts because  if  you use the mind simply without discipline without direction or motive it can spend its time wandering into maze of inertia’s and inadequacies which are worse than nothing.But the mind is there and everyone can grow and use it and time spent in using the mind properly can saved from complete waste of mental energy  and the corresponding danger to the nervous system.

9.Be the person who is thoughtful who is less nearly less panicky than the thoughtless.

10 Read  good books not for sake of reading but to improve our mind,expressions and vocab .To  become aware of customs,life, various type of people and ways of life .

11.Practice quietitude :To be quiet is a serious problem now a days .We hardly live in world full of unnecessary noise.One should  understand  we need quiet time to understand overselves. It is  necessary to identify ourselves and practice quietitude. Individual need to sit down and think and remember the better things in life and enjoy.When we are quiet, meditative relationship which relaxes mind .we come close to reality when we practice quietitude. It also helps to analyse people, understand what they say ,their action closely otherwise we mainly end up judging people , spit back and create more mess with them which creates mess in life

12.Emptiness  after retirement : Being a parent and after getting responsibilities done with children, leaves them with empty minds .They dunno what to do with it and the undisciplined mind will keep overthinking .Maturity implies for the need of personal existence. One should realize to have life of his own.They can do interesting and important things but if mind is not right, all type of false activities creep in .We should certainly do something to get our mind seriously into something. One must make long range plans, must think of having a life beyond the retirement.along with responsibilities ,one should also plan to grow himself.

12.work on prejudice :  unnecessary prejudice ends with troubles.prejudice can let one cut off with friendly and helpful people.Prejudice can end up in sickness because health depends on seeing good in everything and sickness is seeing evil in everything and the more evil we see, the sicker we become.

14.. Have an  ambition for becoming better person, its necessary we put our efforts for self development which satisfies ourselves.

So guys from time to time we should remind ourselves above pointers and get saved from unnecessary anxieties and troubles.If you have any more ideas do mention them in comment sections.



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