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Self Care : 7 ways to take care when you are low


Gone are the days when only 6 days of gyming was enough for oneself to get into a perfect state of mind and body. I totally believe that we really have to take care of mental health as good as Physical health as well.Self care when we are facing hard time is really important and so here i am highlighting some important tips for the same.


1. Take Care Of Physical Health

It is necessary to take care of physical fitness so that we are much happier when we are healthy.It is rightly said that healthy mind lives in a healthy body.So go ahead take a walk ,go to gym do anything that keeps your body moving.

2. Practice Gratitude

Each day remind yourself anything that you are thankful of.Keep  practicing gratitude as it is the key towards positivity.

3. Develop Hobbies

One must try to develop hobbies and get yourself involved in them. It will really develop you Inside Out.This is really important in self care.

4. Have a list of own people

Have at  least have one friend or more with whom  you can talk and share anything you want. Never isolate yourself always be that surrounded with your own tribe .

5. Get closer to nature

Go ahead and connect yourself to nature .Go for a walk or simply take a break to be amongst nature. Such an  self care act it’s healing.

6.Encounter negative thought with positive.

Give a counter back to negative thoughts, with positive thoughts. In this way you will develop a mindset to think positive out of any low or negative situation.

7. Write down your feelings

Take some time out maybe few minutes and write down those thoughts which you may not be able to share with anybody else.This will help you understand  mood changes. showing these notes therapist can be helpful if you ever plan to see any.

Above self care ideas, will take time to practice on a daily basis.It is really important to take care of oneself in every way. Never hesitate to reach a practitioner if you fail to do it on your own.If you feel you are facing depression trust me there are ways to tackle it check out here  

I hope you like this article , thank you 🙂



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