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Jan Aushadhi Kendra ; Avail Cheapest Generic Medicines


“Medicine”, we hear this word almost every day in our day today lives. With deteriorated lifestyle ,poor eating habits and changing weather medicines have become basic requirement of our daily life. We spend major part of our hard earned income to cure ourselves  from minor to severe diseases.The Per Capita Income of an average Indian was 1963.55 USD i.e,  Rs. 1,37,448.5 in year 2017 and Rs 376 every day. Average earning individual cannot afford costly medicines.Keeping the facts in mind, Govt launched ‘Jan Aushadhi project’ by establishing Jan Aushadhi kendra  in 2008. It is currently known as “Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana “(PMBJP).

'Jan Aushadhi Kendra Inaugeration



Objective of “Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana ” PMBJP

jan aushadhi kendra depicting price comaprion of generic and branded drugs
Rough comparison of Generic drugs and branded drugs
  • Provide generic medicines at discount of 50-99%.You can check the tentative price benefits by clicking here
  • Raise Awareness about Generic Medicines.
  • Provide health care products under the scheme.
  • Open Jan Aushadhi Kendra at several locations of the country.
  • Regulate & Monitor Jan Aushadhi Kendra.
  • Provide financial assistance to open Jan Aushadhi Kendra.
  • To buy over the counter medicines at  cheaper rates by individuals.
  • To help average income earner to avail medicines at affordable rates.


How Jan Aushadhi Scheme Works


Production, Procurement & Distribution

Medicines are purchased from private manufactures based on tender .They are also produced in Pharma PSU’s. Quality of medicines are ensured by testing at National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories’ (NABL) . After testing ,medicines are distributed by Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India (BPPI) to various PMBJP Kendras. Approx 700 drugs and 156 surgical equipments are covered under this scheme.

 Where to find Jan Aushadhi Kendra

At present around 4520 PMBJP Kendras are functional in the country.

You can locate PMBJP Kendra nearby you by clicking at this  👉 link  👈

Who Can Open Jan Aushadhi Kendras

Any NGO/Institution/Co-operative Society identified by State Governments and free space provided in the premises of Government Hospital by the State Government. PMBJP Kendras  can be opened by Self health group & Trust with 3 years of experience in having welfare activities. Individuals including un-employed pharmacist / medical practitioner are also eligible to own PMBJP Kendra.  The applicants shall have to employ one B Pharma / D Pharma degree holder as Pharmacist in their proposed store.

Government provides financial assistance upto Rs. 2.50 Lacs and incentive of 20%  ( excluding tax ) for opening PMBJP Kendra. Normal Working time of these kendras is 08 AM to 08 PM.

How to Avail Benefit of PMBJP

First of all ask your pharmacist or medical practitioner to recommend Generic medicines. Generic medicines are exact counterpart of Branded medicines. Generic medicines are exactly same in composition, dosage, relief or risk that you will have by having branded medicine with high price. To have generic medicines we do not need doctor’s prescription. Locate and Visit your nearby PMBJP Kendra to get the medicine. Further you can find product, price or rate details  by clicking 👉 here 👈 .  Not everyone is literate enough to have idea about these schemes. Being a responsible citizen of the society we should help  poor and needy ones to access generic medicines at PMBJP Kendra at very low cost. One of the mission of PMBJP campaign was to make aware about generic medicines and success of such scheme depends on people like us. Lets us be aware and make everyone aware of such beneficial scheme .

Thanks for reading 🙂 P.S if you want to avoid medicines and live healthy life do read this article ;P On Sleep Cycle   

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