healthy diet and lifestyle this monsoon for immunity ;)


Who doesn’t love monsoon? I really do …those raindrops with  cutting adrak wali chai in your hands.That breeze touching your face , seems so exciting isn’t !  I must say I reallyy  Love rains.Since i was a child ,it was compulsory for me to get drenched during first rain of Monsoon season.

But Hey Monsoon comes with  many diseases too so better br careful.The key to enjoy monsoon is precautions ,healthy eating and immunity buliding.So guys here are some tips for you all ,do use them and have a happy monsoon 🙂

Lifestlye :

Its important to maintain healthy lifestyle during this season.Here are some tips for same.

  • Avoid sleeping during day time as it hampers digestion and slows down metabolism.
  • Do exercise or walk daily or thrice in a week as its important to keep body active .
  • Avoid to walk bare foot as there are chances of getting infections .
  • Do not exert more in this season .
  • Take warm water bath possibly with anti anti allergic or anti septic ointment drops in it.
  • Keep surroundings clean and dry .
  • Wash your feets with warm water soap and antiseptic liquid  if you have walked over damped water area.
  • Do not sleep in daytime as it will slow down digestion system and metabolism.


Diet : According to ayurveda our digestive system naturally gets weaker during this season.So here are few tips to follow 🙂

  • Drink warm water entire day to keep digestion better.
  • Have light , hot and fresh food always.
  • Avoid fried,processed, spicy and heavy to digest foods.
  • Deep fried and salty foods can cause bloating , so these should be avoided
  • Pulses like moong can be eaten which is good and light for stomach
  • Its important to take care of the water you drink .If its little dirty which generally happens in monsoon , make sure to boil it before drinking.You can invest in good water filter too.
  • Include raw garlic which has anti fungal and anti viral property.It also helps in increasing immunity of body
  • Include more of brown rice,barley oats during monsoon .They are easy to digest.
  • Drink lot of fluids.

Immunity :

  • Practice  Pranayam for better breathing and circulation .
  • KapalBhati helps in Improving digestion
  • WorkOut regularly to remain active and avoid beig lazy and lethargic .

So guys i hope you love this article.Would love to have your opinion or questions on this


Keep Smiling


Boomz 😉





9 thoughts on “healthy diet and lifestyle this monsoon for immunity ;)

  1. These important tips always remember for everyone.. It’s nice to see how we take care of our body in this seson too..

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