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Circadian Rhythm : Why fixed sleep timing is important !


Monday 11 p.m, Tuesday 10 p.m, Wednesday 10:30 p.m, Thursday 12 a.m, Friday 1:30 a.m and so on. If your sleeping pattern relates to this, then you really need to think over it. A disturbed Circadian Rhythm is  dangerous for physical and mental health.

Differed sleep timings not only affects proper sleep, but than it also affects our physical and emotional balance. Yes it’s very much true. In order to stick to better sleep one should understand the  circadian rhythm (also known as your sleep/wake cycle or body clock).

What is Circadian rhythm(Sleep/wake cycle/body clock)

The term circadian comes from the Latin circa, meaning “around”,and diēm, meaning “day”.The Circadian rhythm is a natural clock which regulates physical and behavioral changes according to the daily cycle.It is also termed as
“body clock’. It is a natural regulator of sleeping patterns. Most living things including plants, animals and even tiny microbes have it.

body clock
                                                                               Circadium Rhythm Chart


How Body clock gets affected by light – dark cycle

Circadian Rhythm is affected by light,dark and physical activity. It is said to be mainly linked to light-dark cycle. As it starts getting darker, your brain sends signals to your body to release melatonin. It helps to induce good sleep.For those working in shifts, definitely gets a hard time to sleep during the day. Further,more research is going on how the light of the mobile also affects the circadian rhythm.

Circadian Rhythm’s affect on body function and health

It can can influence sleep-wake cycles, eating habits,digestion, body temperature, hormone release and  more  important bodily functions.A Disturb body clock may lead to sleep disorders, obesity, mental health disorders, and many other health problems.So our internal biological clock regulate the energy level on a daily basis. Whether you sleep less or you sleep too much it affects your body clock. When you sleep too much ,your body cells already starts using your energy at the stipulated time of body clock. A major chunk of your energy is already used when wake up late. Hence you feel drowsy and feel like going back to sleep again.

I remember my parents and well wishers always asked me to maintain sleeping and waking up schedule.I used to find huge difference in my body energy levels and emotional well being when i  started to slept on regular time.If you are facing any sort of stress or depression its important to follow these tips and also timely sleep schedule.

It’s high time one should stick to one particular schedule. In order to overcome any sort of  physical or emotional problem it is always important that you must have a perfect body clock. In order to function well we need regulated sleep and wake up time. Therefore, to stay alert and fresh one should stick to one fixed sleeping schedule.



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