On the Exclusive launch of MICE T18 : World’s most affordable Digital Fuel Density Kit(DFDK)

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Punjab based early stage intelligent automotive solution Co. , Ready Automotive technology solutions LLP (RATS), aims to be the fastest mover in IOT space, solving the real world problems through its multi faceted innovation approach. Its first patent pending B2B Product MICE T18 (Modular, Impactful and Cost Effective) Prototype has been launched successfully.

The company claims its T18 to be the World’s most affordable Digital Fuel Density Kit (DFDK).


Basic Purpose of the Product
MICE T18 kits have been built exclusive for fuel filing stations. At present, fuel pump owners used to manually check the quality of the fuel supplied to them and the kit used is not only time consuming but also not very much portable too.
Other options available in the market are not economically viable as compared to manual kits sold.
”MiCE T18 is built at 95% cost reduction of what foreign counterparts have produced till now, as it works on Proprietary algorithm.” said Vikram Singh, CEO of the company
Little background about the product and how it all started 
”MICE is our brand name where as T18 stands for Together 18, as we both met in year 2018. After months of R&D & infinite trials and errors, we finally come up with this innovative product, that we are presenting today” said Money Garg, Co-Founder of the Company.
”It feels like we are working for a cause, indulged day in and out to bring meaningful technology products among masses ”, he further added as company’s another IOT product MICE Positive is in B2B2C domain.
Road ahead 
Founders claim to implement one thing at a time. With perfecting one product then shifting to another, is more likely be the strategy of the Co. , moving forward.
Company’s bigger goal however is to assist Fuel Filing stations in providing superior customer experience. With more than 64,000 fuel stations in pan India alone, Company claims to cover around 5% market share in next 18 months of launch.
”We know every competitive advantage has a limited time span, so we will keep focusing on product innovation and design thinking at large, to maintain that sustainable competitive advantage for our business.” said Mr. Garg in a statement.

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