Must watch on ZEE5 Omerta ; thrilling story of Terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh

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The film Omerta has been directed by National Award Winning Hansal Mehta starring one of the best actor RajKumar Rao. This is another recommended movie to watch on ZEE5 Movie is written by writer who was a former actor too , Mukul Dev. This director and actor pair up have worked well in previous movies too but this one has been challenging one.

Rajkummar Rao has proved himself best actor in many movies earlier. According to him this movie had tough role to do. It was quiet challenging and interesting concept to work on .In one of the interviews he said that It was one of the toughest character he has ever played. It drained him physically and emotionally. He has played character of Omar Saeed Sheikh who is  British terrorist of Pakistani descent .

“I could never have imagined that playing this part would mentally take me to such dark places. It’s a journey of one of the most deadliest terrorists of our times and Hansal sir pushed me out of my boundaries to explore,” the actor said in a statement. Also that “It is great that ZEE5 will premiere this film digitally, which the world will be able to see,” he added.

So this story revolves around the life of terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh .He is majorly explored in the movie who is said to be involved in many events lets have look at :


According to sources a senior-level US government official, informed that US investigators had discovered that Omar Saeed Sheikh had sent about $100,000 from United Arab Emirates to to Mohamed Atta. According to Investigators Mohamed Atta then distributed the funds to conspirators in Florida in the weeks before the deadliest act of terrorism on U.S on 9/11, This act destroyed the World Trade Center and left many deads behind.


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Omar Saeed Sheikh has served 5 years in the prison in connection to the kidnapping of three British Nationals and One American.He was involved in the kidnapping of Delhi westeners which is quiet well explored in this movie.


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Omar Saeed Sheikh is said to be involved in 26/11 . He conspired against India by calling Pakistan disguising himself as India’s foreign Minister. He created threat of war in this manner.


Daniel pearl was kidnapped and beheaded .He was journalist from wall street journal. Omar Sheikh Saeed was was arrested by Pakistani Police in the year 2002 at Lahore in connection with the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl.

All these events are well explored in this movie,Its interesting to watch the series of events happened and the way they were planned and executed.

Its highly recommended to watch Omerta movie streaming now on ZEE5

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