Join HiPi Premier League to win around 10 lakhs worth prizes

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ZEE5 never stops surprising us with amazing concepts and series to entertain us in best possible way. Just when i have been over whelmed with the last series I watched ,I am again excited with HiPi Premier Leaque launched by ZEE5 .It’s time for cricket fever but we all know the side effects of the pandemic we are facing. Social distancing,safety and what not.So here is chance to have super fun just like IPL and enjoy the adrenaline rush it gives us as good as IPL. Be ready to explore this mind boggling concept .

Also the best part is , it gives us chance to win around 10 lakhs ! OMG! This excites me more 😛

What is HiPi ?

So before moving on its important for you all to know what is HiPi? Its a platform created by ZEE5 on the app UGC platform HiPi . This platform gives enough space and freedom to people to create content of their choices. Its definately one of the best platform where you aren’t judged.How cool it is to be yourself and participate with full zeal and vigour. You can create videos upto 90 seconds in various generes. Get a chance to co create videos with your favorite actors ,comedians and super stars.

HiPi Premier League (HPL) #HiPiPremierLeague has eight exciting teams.Each is leaded by famous celebraties.The concept is as smiliar is IPL where different teams are formed with different regions ,so you can support them as per your choice . The names are Delhi Dhoomers, Hyderabad Hippers, Mumbai Mastis, , Punjab Putters, Rajasthan Rockstars, Chennai Swaggers, Kolkata Khiladis. and Bangalore Badshahs . I loved these names quiet interesting they are. The captains called HPL gurus like Sanket Bhosle , Sugandha Mishra, Ssumier Pasricha and Gaurav Gera have uploaded exciting videos for the competition happening.Also each team has cheer squad with leading choreographer which assigns signature dance step for the team.

Watch out below videos to understand the concept more

How to participate and win on HiPi

  • Download the ZEE5 App and register for HiPi .
  • Choose one team of your choice and follow the respective leader of the team.
  • In order to participate keep uploading as many videos as you can with the hashtag according to the team you chose for example #HiPiPremierLeague #MumbaiMastis #Jeetkitaiyaari .
  • Each day there will be a challenge ,participate in it and get likes.Each like will be counted as run.
  • At the end team with most runs will win.

HiPi Premier League Awards

So as a participant what you may win?

  • Creator of the Day : Each day content creator with most likes on his/her HPL video will win this award
  • Creator of the Week : Fan with highest weekly likes will win this award.
  • Golden Creator : Fan whose videos gets maximum likes will win this season.
  • There will be additional 8 runner ups from each team as well.

My Experience

I have been playing HPL and trust me, nothing excites me more than cheering for my favourite team. The tasks are super fun and exciting. The challenge are so interesting. Oh and yes I am supporting my favourite leader Gaurav Gera and the team Rajasthan rockstars. He has always been my top favourite. I must admit this new innovative way of supporting cricket is also fun .What else is more exciting than having something interesting to check out each day and win exciting prizes too.

SOUNDS EXCITING ???????? YAYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!

Get started guys! Here is huge chance to win prizes each day,each week and entire season! Join in #HappensOnHiPi  #HiPiPremierLeague . And for your information this is going to be 60 matches, 53 days, 8 teams, unlimited fun and prizes every day, worth up to Rs 10 lakhs*.

Get started NOW! ALL THE BEST 🙂

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