Big Reveal on Sushant Singh’s Death case : Huff Paranormal


Sushant Singh’s Death is the most discussed topic these days.Since his demise has broken hearts of millions of his fans,they have been asking for clarifications on the situation of his sudden demise. This late bollywood star has made a special place in people’s heart and its so deep its been difficult to digest the suicide theory given earlier by Mumbai Police.

Lately there have been many researched theories coming up regards to Sushant Singh’s Death case. I saw videos of many psychic mediums of international and national origin , coming up with their story on Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise. Either they have communicated with him through their spiritual channel or through device used for paranormal research. Surprisingly most of them have common findings.

Most Interesting of all has been the paranormal findings from youtube channel named Huff Paranornal. This channel is run by Steve Huff who is a paranormal expert. He has claimed to have been able to connect with spirits and have been connecting with them since 10 years. He has been receiving many requests from Sushant Singh’s fans to get in touch with his spirit and try to find the reason for his demise.

Steve Huff have posted two videos of his paranormal connect with Sushant Singh Rajput’s spirit. Surprisingly the spirit box revealed much information on the case. Apparantly it looked like his soul is at peace . He was also questioned about him being in heaven, his demise,who did and much more. Steve found him a very beautiful soul and has promised to come up more if he wishes to connect with him.

I must say these videos are getting millions of views. Also Yes he also mentioned he is not monitizing these vidoes. Having said this, it can be seen that so many people are connected to Sushant Singh Rajput, they somehow look forward to get clues on what happened that day? Here is the first video released by Huff where he is asking many questions to Sushant Singh Rajput’s spirit about his death,his message to fans,where is he etc.

First video released by Huff Paranormal ; Sushant Singh Rajput Spirit Box Session. HE SPEAKS, CLEARLY and it is BEAUTIFUL! 04:07 ssr said..tell steve..i have been murdered…pls pls listen carefully…(4:224:24 when he said that “they been watching you”)4:30 sushant said “I’d really like to meet god” 9:22 when he says it’s ending

Here is the second video released after few days after huge demand he did the second video

Here’s second video released after third day of first release.He said 0.16 “I got pains, 5:11 ✔️”they brought noose” {noose is rope with a knot} 5:22 ✔️”dipesh done this” {dipesh was his servant}

with so many speculations going around Sushant;s death ,one thing is for sure that he has millions of fans who love him deeply They are grieving for justice ,in case he had not committed suicide.The forensic expert Mr.Bhooshan also doubts the case where he feels its not pointing towards something else and not suicide.

Sushant have been a brilliant guy with great education background. He had many ambitions in life which he wanted to fulfill .He was closely connected to his fans too. No One can forget his smiling face.Lets hope and pray this case gets right direction and his soul gets peace and justice.Afterall why innocent should suffer !

See ya all soon with another post of Sushant Singh Rajput.Till than prayers !

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